Problems with drinking water and sanitation in many developing countries go hand in hand.  Earlier this year Unicef and the World Health Organization published a report lauding the accomplishments made to deliver safe drinking water to people, an effort which has been undermined by a failure to meet global targets for improved sanitation.

To help combat this the organization WaterisLife is working in conjunction with Dr. Theresa Dankovich to develop The Drinkable Book, an instructional manual for how and why to clean drinking water as well as acting as a water filter.  The pages of this book are made up of cellulose paper impregnated with with silver nanoparticles.  The silver slowly leaches out of the paper in tiny amounts and is toxic to living microorganisms providing a disinfection benefit capable of granting the user access to safe drinking water.

By combining the pages of the book with an educational component, The Drinkable Book has the power to potentially help address the issue of poor sanitation while also providing safe drinking water.