1) Minnesotans are loving their lakes to death.

2) The president of Rio de Janeiro’s water utility acknowledges there are water quality problems with the Olympic event location and says it will be impossible to clear 80% of sewage and waste as the city pledged.

3) An EPA contractor sent tankers of oily water to Shiprock, New Mexico to be used for watering crops and livestock after the mine accident earlier in August contaminated the drinking water supply, angering Navajo Nation officials.

4) American’s don’t pay the true cost of water so when it comes to replacing aging infrastructure it’s hard to gather the funds.  In California, the Department of Water and Power is trying to raise the rate of water by 18% in order to speed up pipe replacement so less water is lost through water mains breaks and leaks.

5) Research is being conducted at Mira Winery in Napa, California, to understand the effects of wine aged under water versus on land.  The impact is called “aquaoir” and so far the results for underwater aging are very promising.

(Photo credit: Kristen Brastad, Skógafoss Waterfall in Iceland)