Bottled Water Aisle at Whole FoodsThe Whole Foods Bottled Water Aisle

The bottled water industry is huge and growing every year.  Here are five outrageous claims manufacturers are using to sell more bottled water that you should not believe.

1) “88% more hydrating” – Essentia Water

2) “Our proprietary Microstructuring process is designed to break up these large clusters resulting in a water which is believed to create a smoother, ‘wetter’ water where the water is now able to pass into the cells of the body more easily.” – Perfect Water

3) “Penta is the first patented bottled water in the world for its process and composition that may be absorbed into the body’s cells more quickly for superior hydration and health.” – Penta

4) “Neo’s unique antioxidants neutralize free radicals the body releases when under exertion, helping protect your cells from being damaged. Combined with its other benefits, Neo detoxifies, protects and returns the body to vitality faster.” – Neo Superwater

5) “With the proprietary E2-Electron Energized Technology Real Water is beyond alkalinity…it is infused with negative (-) ions. Compare this to most purified waters which are acidic and positive (+) ionized.  Many health professionals believe that an acidic body can be unhealthy.  Since Real Water is alkalized and negative ionized, it can help your body to become more alkalized to improve your health.” – Real Water

Which ridiculous marketing claim is your favorite?

(Photo credit: Kristen Brastad)