1) Naegleria fowleri, known to public as the brain eating amoeba, has been detected in the New Orleans drinking water, prompting officials to begin a 60 day chlorine burn to eradicate the microorganism.

2) Drought in the Pacific Northwest has caused the city of Seattle to issue a cry for help from its residents to conserve water.

3) There’s an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease in South Bronx, New York.  What’s most interesting about this outbreak is that Legionnaires’ is usually a building plumbing issue (so all the victims will be in one location such as a hospital) whereas here it’s happening all over town. The water supplier is still investigating why this is happening.

4) Brazil is ripe with opportunity if you’re looking to sell municipal water treatment systems.  An investigation from the Associated Press has found that the water the athletes at near year’s Summer Olympics will be swimming and boating in is incredibly contaminated with human sewage.

5) Ultra light tiny robots that mimic water striders to use surface-tension dominated jumping have been created by researchers from Seul University and Harvard.  So far they can only jump but the researchers hope to extend the robot’s capabilities to completing more complex tasks.

(Photo: Kristen Brastad, taken in Iceland)